Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Okay, MMA fans....

Question: How is paulo filho a top-ranked MMA middleweight, again?

Answer: He's not. Maybe he's a bad-ass grappler, but all I see is a half-assed, mentally weak, overweight slug. This fight against Chael Sonnen, a strong journeyman at best, showed us a Filho with zero standup, and zero determination, and zero ability to control where a fight goes. When you can't beat a guy where the fight is you take it where you can beat him, right? Ask Big Nog, ask Chuck Liddell a couple years ago. Ask all the great fighters. Filho stood and flapped his flabby fuckin' arms like an asshole.
I hope I never see that scumbag fight again. Good job on Chael exposing him. Your mind is part of your arsenal too, and if his mind is only good enough for grappling contests, he oughta head on over to the Mundials or ADCC and not darken a god damned cage again. I'm seriously pissed off at that waste of space. Did he even hand over his belt like he claimed? They didn't show it.


Reverend Clint said...

Filho loves the cock. I've never been on the Filho bandwagon even when watching him in Pride.

garth2 said...

he didn't hand over the belt either.

you know, i don't say it a lot, but that Filho is a big ol' faggoot. He's not even good enough to be dough.

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