Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thiago Alves will wait for a shot

Via Fighters Only, Thiago Alves says he's waiting for a shot at the WW belt against GSP or BJ Penn, and that he weighs upwards of 200lbs when he steps in the ring to fight.

In the interview, Alves also revealed what many observers have long suspected: he is nearly 200lbs when he fights.

“I go with 171 pounds at the weight-ins, and then I go to the fight with 198, 199 pounds”, he revealed, adding that despite the occasional struggle to make weight, he does not want to move up to middleweight.

OK, Thiago, you're a big WW and you have heavy hands and kicks. But honestly...does anyone think this guy is on the same planet as BJ Penn or Georges St. Pierre? Really? And why on earth would BJ even consider taking a fight against a guy with KO power who could swipe his belt (if he wins it) with a winging punch? I know GSP will fight whoever they put in front of him, but BJ may just walk, holding up both belts, and fight someone like Paulo Filho in a catchweight match in Hawaii for a million bucks or some shit. I don't see Baby Jay wanting to get involved with a bunch of title defenses against maybe-so fighters. What's in it for him?
I guess I just don't buy Thiago Alves as an elite fighter at BJ & GSP's level yet. We'll see right? Provided Karo doesn't sneak over to his house and hit him in the knee with a pipe.


Reverend Clint said...

Yeah he's waiting for a shot... in the mouth that gay bitch.

Reverend Clint said...

im really getting tired of these damn brazilians

Five.Bolt.Main said...

He's not Brazilian you tard. He trains & lives in Florida. Brazilian is Wandy, A. Silva, Feijao, Machida, Nog, etc.

Sitting out 6 months doesn't sound like a good idea. He's just going to get fatter & miss weight for the title fight :P

garth2 said...

joan, just cuz thiago lives in florida doesn't mean he's no longer brazilian. by that logic Vitor Belfort is a Nevadan and Rampage Jackson is half British. And Roxy is Japanese!

Reverend Clint said...

five bolt loves this balding ass

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