Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something interesting

Joachim Hansen vs. Geisas Calvancante looks like a great fight. "Hellboy" is one of my favorites...hopefully I'll be able to stream this without having the main event come on sometime around 3AM.
There's so much dull shit going on. It's funny, I was listening to Fightlinker's podcast (before it turned into a union-bash-a-thon) and they mentioned a malaise among the hardcore fans/bloggers/whatever in regards to MMA. That was in response to a comment thread question for their mailbag show. I wrote about this a while ago, and it still feels like it. The matchups to get excited about seem few and far between, because "hardcores" are feeling like they've seen everything.
It's not true though! It's not like boxing where there's only so many ways a guy can punch another dude. We just saw an absolutely dominant champ get KTFO'd while attempting a spinning back elbow! That's awesome. The same champ who pulled a knee to the face while standing on one leg out of his ass. This is still good stuff...let's stop readin' the same stories over and over from different sites. If you already read a paragraph linking to Bloody Elbow's story on Armando Garcia, just...don't read another one. Draw a picture, read something else, go for a walk. Don't overload on this shit, just enjoy it with wide-open eyes and ears.

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