Saturday, May 30, 2009


so, the pros are spouting now. First, International Man of Douche, Matt Hughes:

“I went back and watched the Rashad fight again, and I think it comes down to bad coaching. In the prefight press conference, I heard Rashad say that he didn’t bring anybody in who would resemble Machida’s style. When I heard that, I knew that there might be some problems. That is probably a big reason why Rashad didn’t do very well in the striking area. I also think Rashad should have been coached on using his wrestling talent. He didn’t shoot one takedown that I can remember and he just made it a sparring match. If I was to coach Rashad against Machida, I would have told him to make it a fight, use his wrestling and groundwork to really dictate the match. Not just go out and spar with him. I think Rashad could have done a lot better in that fight. I’m not saying he should have won, but he’s a lot better than he showed on Saturday.”

Shawn Tompkins also weighs in, saying:
Rashad “gave Lyoto everything he needed to make himself look invincible” by failing to close the distance and use his strong wrestling skills.
(From MMMAnia)
Both guys somehow forgot that...wrestlers who tried to wrestle with Machida failed miserably. Notably, though I wouldn't call him JUST a wrestler, Tito Ortiz' takedown attempts were defended easily. This is one of the most dominant takedown artists the UFC's seen. He made his living defending the UFC LHW belt with basically brutal takedowns and G'N'P from the guard...and he couldn't put a dent in Lyoto. So this guy, who put Rashad on his ass for two rounds (and won that fight, in my book), can't wrestle Lyoto, yet Rashad could?
I agree you have to try something different than standing at range and letting Lyoto beat the shit out of you, but if you look at a fighter's history and see him absolutely ass-raping your particular discipline you really can't think, "Oh, I'll do that." You know why? You'll be ass-raped.
I have no idea how Machida gets beat. I have the same thoughts about Anderson Silva, and GSP.

On a side note, I watched Joe Warren vs. Kid Yamamoto, and holy lord, Joe is huge for a 145lber, at least next to Kid. Actually, is featherweight 145 in Japan? They use some alternate measurement system I can't be bothered to learn.

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