Thursday, May 21, 2009

TUF stuff

Last night's episode wasn't half bad, even though most of the interest was for the last ten minutes of the show. Jason Pierce is out, which is fine by me. Outside of his one fight, did he contribute anything of interest to the show? Not one thing. His and Faulkner's love connection was not interesting or compelling at all.
The fight between Lawson and Dent was notable for Dent apparently forgetting he can fight for long stretches of time, and Lawson running so very out of gas I thought he would come out for the second round with a long cap and gown on, holding up a candle while yawning. Yes, the dude had a chest issue coming in, but man! You have to have an idea of your cardio coming in. If you know you've got nothing, finish in the first. Channel the Travis Lutter "engery".
At the end, they showed Bisping, who'd displayed very little moronic-Bispingness in the episode, throwing water in Damarques Johnson's face while walking by. Honestly, can Bisping be more of a douchebag? I'm seriously sad that "douchebag" is the worst thing I can think of to describe him. He consistently shows himself to be shallow, half-witted, and lacking knowledge of not only himself, but of life and anything outside his own tiny self. He's really the worst kind of person. And I don't even know why he tossed fluids on Johnson, I already felt that way. So here's hoping A) Bisping gets crushed by Hendo and 2) the world finally comes to realize what a d-bag he is. Posthumously.

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