Friday, May 15, 2009

Strikeforce Challenger: Lavar Johnson vs. Carl Seumanutafa

Oh god Mauro Ranallo sucks. "A Rosa by any other name smells as sweet!" Mother. Fucker.
This is one angry Samoan coming in. I spelled his name right once, and now he will be called Carl.
Lavar Johnson is bringing his kids to the fight. Mark Coleman lost in front of his daughters, and made them cry, and Scott Smith won a litigious fight in front of his boys, and they grinned. Kids always seem to want to touch the injuries.
Johnson is a heavy hitter apparently. They only showed Carl highlights.
Johnson walks out to a decent rap song. Most rap walkouts are dumb, but this song works. It's got like horns in the background. What song is that?
245lbs vs 250lbs. I love it when big guys hook it up.
Apparently they handed out tickets at the local DQ because the fans here only know the local guy. Wev. Carl is on a 2 fight losing streak, the other guy is 11-3, I dunno where his career stands. Johnson is big as fuck. Taller than Herb "the Predator" Dean.

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