Saturday, May 23, 2009

UFC 98

Overall an excellent event. The championship fight turned out pretty much how I expected, and it was still breathtaking to watch Machida take Rashad apart. I gained a ton of respect for Rashad's toughness, but Machida is just on another level.
I have a problem with the Hughes decision. I don't think he really did much outside of the second round. I'd have given that fight to Serra.
Drew McFedries' fights are less of a martial arts chess match than jousting with semi trucks. You know something will happen, and it'll happen suddenly.

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Reverend Clint said...

I thought the Championship fight, Mcfredries and Hughes fight were the best. The Hughes decision was bullshit but not completely out of the relm of possibility. Serra took rd 1 but neither did anything after that until the end when serra turned it on again.

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