Friday, May 15, 2009

Strikeforce Challenger: Ruiz vs. Rosa

Rosa has Pete Spratt in his corner. They just showed Rosa beating the unholy hell out of some guy. In Adrenaline? Do they even stage fights after the Jason Guida curse?
Who did Anthony Ruiz get beat by, Whitehead? It sucks that a guy is five years younger than me and I think to myself "He's a little old".
Miletich is saying that the Quach-Jones fight should have been a draw. But he's discounting the fact that A) Quach fought back after he recovered, regardless of the knockdowns, and 2) the first KD was a little bit of a trip, if you look at the video again, he recovers immediately and goes for a leg.
Rosa looks soft for a light heavyweight. Maybe a middleweight waiting to happen . Rosa looks a little like a slightly uglier Stephen Bonnar. Gotta love the standing elbow from Ruiz. And the inside knees to the leg from the clich. Nice. Rosa with the asshole lock!
Asshole lock to double leg to BJJ is only gay if you make eye contact.
Damn unconsciousness choke. Ruiz has to go to work tomorrow morning too. Why put a local can up against the up-and-comer? Why not get a GOOD local fighter who's got a chance to win? Rosa's being groomed to fight for the LHW belt, Ruiz is...well, he's a god damned tough firefighter.

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