Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet fight

Man Abel Cullem brings it every time he fights. He's out of the Clay Guida school of "crazy gorilla go go go go".

Thank you fightlinker for the heads-up.
One question: Mayhem's fight got stopped for an illegal kick to the head, but Tokoro lands several strikes with his foot and legs to the head while Cullem is grounded. What's the differentiation there? I don't know Dream's rules particularly (if that isn't obvious).


Reverend Clint said...

I noticed that Tokoro got in at least one stomp to the head as well but both were grounded??? who know with these tricky Japs ;)

Reverend Clint said...

oh its ok if both are grounded

garth2 said...

pretty weird huh? wonder why it matters if they're up or not? they allowed headstomps in Pride and they seemed to get along ok.

reminds me of mark kerr getting kneed in the head for some reason

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