Monday, May 4, 2009


Here I was, thinking Luke Thomas was the only insufferable prick on Bloody Elbow's staff, and Wham! Michael Rome joins the fray! His whole article is basically a slow deepthroating of Brock Lesnar.

"It's also a bit hollow to criticize Brock for fighting for money. The man left a lot on the table by leaving professional wrestling, and he lives out in the woods in a cabin with no internet. The idea that he is just in it for the money is ridiculous, I'd like to see a comparison of Mir's lifestyle to Lesnar's to see who's really more interested in money."

Uh...have you seen his house? He left pro wrestling because it's a slog that destroys his body, doing dozens and dozens of shows a year. Rome follows with a weird statement that he'd like to see a comparison of lifestyles. Really? So Lesnar's massive spread "out in the woods" with his gym and vehicles and plane is..."a cabin"? Come the fuck on. I've seen the guy's house on the UFC's hype show. Just because a place is off the grid don't mean it's some backwoods shack, dummy. Lesnar may not ONLY fight for money, but Mir is exactly right that he wouldn't be doing it if there wasn't a ton of cash on the table. Of course, I don't think Mir would be doing it either. He'd surely be grappling, but I can't see him getting punched in the face if he didn't make good dough.

But overall, that Rome article is douchiness personified.

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