Saturday, May 16, 2009

Strikeforce Challenger: Tate vs. Kaufman

Not a lot of fighting Jews in MMA? Krav Maga is more about disabling the testicles.
Tate fights out of Superman Hallman's gym. Dennis Hallman is the guy who got shafted the worst for not fighting in the UFC. This dude beat Matt Hughes twice, while Matt was considered the toughest motherfucker on the planet.
anyone else find it slightly hilarious that Miesha Tate has "Serious Pimp" across her boobs?
Chicks should get to fight five minute rounds. Tate got robbed after securing her takedown. You should have time to work a perfect double like that.
Ground an pound coming from Tate. This is a fantastic grappler vs striker fight. And we get 9 minutes. Wrong wrong wrong. Tate is losing her mud all over Kaufman.
Good lord Kaufman is pasty white gym rat colored.
Kaufman is strong like kosher ox.
These 3 minute rounds are robbery for the fighters. They don't get to work their games. Time runs out. Sucks. These women fight too fucking hard to get jobbed with 3 minute rounds. The fans don't see a finish, and the fighters get cheated out of a full fight. Ridiculous. Tate and Kaufman should be pounding on doors to turn this into five minute rounds. The MMA world will be better for it. It looks like a UD for Kaufman to me, 29-28, but we'll see.
What would your rabbi say about cagefighting?

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