Monday, May 18, 2009

Random WTF post.

OK, I get in my feeds. This Cory Brady character has been churning out some god damned horrible stuff for them, but I couldn't get all the way through this article before I ran headlong into this typeset turd:

This fight just has fireworks written all over it. Tuchscherer is a two-time NCAA Division II All-American wrestler, while Puder was the first ever winner of WWE’s Tough Enough show.

That's right. Winning WWE's Tough Enough show a fighter. It's qualification as an actor, sure. As perhaps a rudimentary or mildly trained acrobat. As a potential wife-beater, for sure. But a fighter? The entirety of someone's pro wrestling career should be summed as "former pro wrestler". NOTHING ELSE NEEDS BE SAID. It's exactly the same as someone being a former secretary, or former zoo-animal-inseminator. It has zilch, zero, nothing, to do with fighting. It's an old job. Perhaps one involving a lot of men in tiny pants, but still just an old job.

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