Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quate night licky

I watched the UFC Fight Night 11 and the premiere episode of The Ultimate Fighter last night with Charles and Eric. Eric ended up sleeping on my floor, then couch, successively, after my ass vacated the couch at around midnight.
FN 11 was a good show. The Quarry-Sell & Leben-Martin fights were great, surprising and thrilling. All four of those fighters showed tremendous guts and courage. They stood in there when it got freaking hard and took the shots till the last one. Well, Pete Sell got an extra last one, but still. Kenny "The Finisher" Florian, and the fans, got a little robbed. It really looked like Din Thomas hurt himself on the way in, and Kenny got to hit him while he turtled approximately eleventy-jillion times before ratcheting on that choke. Still, Ken showed he's got the cold heart to finish the poor bastard.
Nate Diaz-Junior Assuncao was all right. Assuncao looks like he's practicing for "professional opponent" status, like Ross Pointon or Elvis Sinosic.
Thankfully, MMAPlayground, who I pay money to for the privilege of playing fantasty MMA, failed to record my picks. So I got an interesting zero for that event. I'm kind of pissed.
The Ultimate Fighter was all right. I'm thinking this one may irk me more than any other season. The guy talking about Jesus made me want to punch a baby wallaby. Matt Serra's jackass student pissed me off as well. Mac Danzig may not be all that he's made out to be.
Chuck Liddell gets ass.


MMA Critique said...

For some reason I hate Danzig. He has that Diego Sanchez over confidence thing going on.

Matt Serras student got owned. I'd be ashamed to that guy as one of my first blackbelts.

What I found funny the UFC Fight NIght was that Nate Diaz sub his guy with the same move I got my friend with earlier at jiu-jitsu class. He was watching the fights with me. Hilarious. Spilled my root beer

garth2 said...

nice...did you recreate the sub on your friend, just so he knew for sure? heh

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