Monday, September 17, 2007


Somone over on fightlinker (rapidly becoming my favorite MMA blog) called Chuck Liddell a "middle of the road schmuck". Of course, this was while they were saying that a Chuck vs. Fedor matchup might happen in the UFC (counting on Fedor signing, if that ever happens), so the commenter's opinion is pretty retarded. It still made me think. Is Chuck over-rated? Is he "middle of the road"? So I went to his record.

Significant wins:
Jeff Monson
Guy Mezger
Kevin Randleman
Murilo Bustamante
Amar Suloev
Vitor Belfort
Renato Sobral (x2)
Alistair Overeem
Tito Ortiz (x2)
Vernon White
Randy Couture (x2)
Jeremy Horn
Randy Couture

Significant losses:
Quinton Jackson (x2)
Jeremy Horn
Randy Couture

At 20-4, Chuck as a great record. Almost all of his fights for the last 7 years have been against top of the line opponents, on the biggest stages in the world. He's won 65% of his fights via KO or TKO, often in spectacular fashion, again, on the biggest stage and against the best. His losses have also been on the big stage, in spectacularly disappointing fashion, including Randy Couture's legendary knockout win, and two earth-shifting losses to the beast Quinton Jackson. I think that, given the level of competition, the strength of his performance, and the stakes at which he's fought, Chuck Liddell has a legitimate claim to being, rather than a "middle of the road schumck", one of the greatest fighters, pound for pound, of all time. He's up there in the A level with guys like Randy, Wanderlei, Hendo, and QJ, among a select crew (I'm not making a whole list right now).
Stylistic differences are fine. People who think he's one-dimensional are entirely allowed their opinion. People who simply don't like his sliding, counterstriking style are welcome to dislike. Talk about his retarded hairstyle, his painted toenails, his goofy little-kid personality. But anyone who thinks Chuck Liddell is anything other than one of the all-time MMA greats is quite simply an idiot. I'm not Chuck's biggest fan. I like other styles more, other disciplines. But I cannot deny his accomplishments, regardless of who he lost to last. The shortsightedness of statements like that make me despair for the fucking stupidity of the mass of humanity, at least that tiny slice that comments in MMA forums. "LOL chukc is teh scuks! LOLOLOLO! hes cants do not so only hitts!"
Fucking morons.


kentyman said...

Randy Couture (x2)

MMA Critique said...

Chuck has a long highlight reel of KO's. Hes at the top of the LH weight division. My only problem with chuck, not his fault but hes hasen't fought anyone new since Vernon White six fights ago. I want to see him go aganist the other top guys in the division and maybe get a title shot in Quinton losses somewhere doen the late. Hes already loss twice to Rampage.

garth2 said...

whoops, i thought i'd put the x2 next to randy, gracias kentyman

mma critique: good point. his next fight against jardine is new, we'll see how that works out. jardine's chin is suspect, though, it could be short and very violent. hendo, rua, wanderlei, shogun...lots o' compelling matchups.

anyone else catch griffin's point on the preview show last night about WANTING shogun? that was pretty cool.

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