Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dana White's a Douchebag

What kind of a retard is Dana White? "Internet websites"? Does he even know what he's talking about? He sounds like an old man in the grips of delerium.

White launched into a tirade against the Pride fan boys and the Internet sites he said who encourage them to denigrate the UFC.
“I want to say something and everybody knows how I’ve felt for years about these goofy Internet websites,” White said through gritted teeth. “I hate them. They’re biased, crooked and there are a lot of other bad things I can say, but I don’t want to waste my time.
“They’ve been biased against us for years. Their reporting was always biased against us. They talk about fights that don’t make any sense. Let me tell you what: We’re the best in the business. Our matchmaker (Joe Silva) is the best. We put on the best and the biggest fights.”

So he means sites like,, and are "biased" and "crooked"? I agree with him about Fox, but that's mainly their news site, not their sports site. So who's "they"? Sherdog? Forums? Is Dana reading internet forum posts and comment threads and thinking that's the whole internet? I could understand his dopey comments if they were based just on someone saying "Fdeor wud bete randy hes a loosre and has no chanses". Dana sounds like he doesn't have any idea what an "Internet website" even is. White's lambasting of "internet websites" and the youtube jihad is hurting his brand. If he can't see that, he's got a big fat blind spot. I say that through gritted teeth.


MMA Critique said...

That was the worst part of Shogun losing. The whole Pride is overrated things was gonna come up. How come Dana didn't go on a tirade saying that Chuck Liddell was overrated?

garth2 said...

Seriously. White is too close to all this. I'm thinking it may be time for him to hang up any operational control and move on to a different spokescreature he can be so effin tiresome. And now it looks like he's basically ignorant of the most important technical advancement of the last 20 years.

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