Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning

Ok, I was a little bit upset about the Hamill-Count Douche decision. I still am. One of the judges of the fight went on MMA Underground and tried to justify his decision, letting us know that "Mario Yamasaki thought [Count Decision Bitch] won too!" I'd imagine that the judge was making that whiny, wheedling voice that people use when they're making fun of someone begging for their rationalization to be believed, and he was using it because he's begging for his rationalization to be believed. That guy lost all credibility as a judge in my book. Next time I watch a fight where one dude spends three rounds running for his life and firing off light jabs, or lying on his back and "turning for armbars", I'll think "Hey! He's dominating this fight!"
Utter, stink-filled bullshit from the judges.
The shittiest thing is this: Bad news dominated this event. Bad news in the form of Cro Cop sucking, bad news in the form of this god-awful decision. Houston Alexander had a huge success, Marcus Davis was impressive as hell, and Rampage put together a smart gameplan to win two belts, even if it wasn't a super-exciting fight. It's too bad that all this has to be overshadowed by incompetent judging.
Well, no more posts about that, I'm done. On to the next event.

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MMA Critique said...

I agree with your point about Hamill getting fk'd.
I think Mirko should have took the fight to the ground in round 2, congo was too big for him. Randy was right, Cro Cop would have been easier than Gonzaga.

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