Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am self-referencing dammit!

From this entry at Fightlinker

7 Thomas
They have to do SOMETHING with Big Nog. Randy is need of more heavyweights to pin aganist the cage and hug.

on 26 Sep 2007 at 2:38 am8garth
Thomas: Hug and destroy. Hug and destroy.

that may be the best description of Randy’s style ever. From mockery comes truth, Thomas.


MMA Critique said...

He does destroy, that old man still got some moves. If you notice alot of fighters are using "dirty boxing" eg. Kongo vs Mirko.
Randy needs someone to fight. Can't wait till Fedor signs and gets his mandatory "tuneup fight" and then loses to someone like Brad Imes or Heath Herring.

garth2 said...

oh god...can you imagine if something like that happened? big nog almost got ko'd by that herring head kick in their matchup. if Fedor lost...well, if he lost to anyone other than Randy, I'd freaking weep.

you know what though? If Randy lost ten fights in a row, and Fedor lost ten in a row, I'd still pay for that PPV. I couldn't stop myself.

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