Sunday, September 9, 2007

Post-UFC 75 thoughts

OK, I haven't read it in a headline anywhere else: Matt Hamill was completely and totally robbed. It was fucking cheap, daylight robbery, the judges were absolutely and completely wrong. Hamill dominated that asshole the entire fight, and I cannot understand how any breathing human being with a fucking conscience could call that fight for Bisping. From this point forward Michael Bisping is the Decision Bitch. I will not refer to his crap thieving name again. His fucking MAMA knew he lost that fight. He knew it. The crowd knew it. The judges knew it. Either one or all of them were on the take. Biggest bullshit call I've seen ever. I lost a whole ton of respect for UFC in that fight. I am not convinced I'll watch it again, to be honest.
The Rampage-Henderson fight was awesome, two equal fighters going at it hammer and tongs. The English crowd was apparently gathered from local homes for the brain-damaged, because I heard boos quite a bit. Rampage's post-fight interview was awesome.
Marcus Davis/Paul Taylor was one of the best fights I've seen all year. I'm amazed it wasn't stopped earlier, after the huge kick from Taylor, but Davis impressed the shit out of me with his toughness and will. Great fight, catch if you can.
I want to reiterate, in case anyone wasn't sure, that I'm fucking livid to the point of throwing things about the Hamill robbery. Decision Bitch got handed a hometown gift in a fucking wrapper. He should hang his weak-ass backpedalling no-forehead having head in shame anytime someone walks by, because he is a MARKETING TOOL, not a fucking fighter. This post should be considered a big wet gob of spit on his fucking bullshit Decision Bitch head.

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