Sunday, September 16, 2007

mystery solv'd

I was confused following the EliteXC purchase of ICON why Kala Kolohe Hose lost his shot at the belt, in favor of a "unification" fight between Ninja Rua and Robbie Lawler (weird unification, as Lawler's ICON belt was apparently not on the line, the fight seems to have been for Rua's EliteXC belt). This article states (about midway throught) that Lawler will concentrate on opening the new Hughes gym, prepping Matt for his title fight, then returning to defend his belt against Hose. Maybe I'll have Showtime by then.
Probably not. I have the internet, I don't need softcore porn.
Nick Diaz had this to say about his performance:

"I know I could have fought better," Diaz said. "I feel good, but I am really disappointed in the way I performed. I should have started a lot faster because Aina fought me with everything he had."

Fightlinker has a response.

Also, I got a book for my brother's birthday tomorrow, but I'm going to read it first (I read plumb fast): A Fighter's Heart(Myspace link, horrible template takes for ever to load). So far it's just amazing...the writer goes to Thailand and trains muay Thai, then to Bettendorf and trains MMA with Miletich, and right now I'm on a section where he's in Rio wallflowering Brazillian Top Team. He fought a pro muay That fight in Thailand and an amateur MMA fight in's pretty awesome. Makes me feel very fat and old. Seriously recommended, and I'm only halfway through. I remember seeing the guy on the Daily Show, too. Once I loaded the myspace page, it had a note about his Daily Show interview, and I recalled it. Jon Stewart was a bit agog at the guy.

On an aside, does anyone think the Patriots aren't a bunch of stinking cheaters now? I'm seriously doubting their alleged accomplishments. I know, I know, you can't fake scoring, but what, are they intercepting radio signals too? Are they mounting cameras in the visitors' locker room? Digging through trash?


MMA Critique said...

Lawler is the unofficial middleweight king of Hawaii. Have you read the book A Fighter's Heart?Been thinking about getting it.

garth2 said...

thats in the post! great book, freakin GREAT BOOK. get it, seriously.

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