Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MMARatings article

I put a follow-up article on the least-wanted LWHs up at MMARatings.net. Excerpt:

I held off writing this until after the Machida-Silva fight. I had predicted an entertaining fight, but a dominating win for Machida. I was right on both counts, though it was mostly entertaining to Lyoto, his fans, and dependents. He absolutely destroyed Silva, who managed to barely throw any strikes at all prior to a devastating KO as the first round buzzer sounded. After the fight Machida told the crowd he'd fight anyone. I have no reason to doubt he'd win, too.
As an aside, There's something of a "Machida Derangement Syndrome" in the ranks of MMA fandom that's far worse than the hatred for BJ Penn. It makes it hard to read the blogs when all they can manage is yelping and whining about Machida "running". It's tiresome and embarrassing, frankly. Get the hell over it already, you're making fools of yourselves.

Just a note: Please give generously to help us win the battle against Machida Derangement Syndrome. It's debilitating to those who suffer from it, and causes crippling stupidity and an inability to lucidly write a single fuckin' word.

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