Thursday, February 26, 2009

WEC 39...anyone?

If a WEC card goes off and no one talks about it, does it actually happen? I read the linked article there and man...when Tomas Rios tries to write straight analysis, he's good. But when he's trying to be funny? Lord help us all, it's not a thing for civilized folk to see.
The card on Sunday should be awesome, though. The WEC generally puts together great cards, and they've gotten much better about airing them. When I was at 38 we got to watch them re-play an unaired fight while we waited around, which was pretty cool.
Mike Brown vs Leonard Garcia for the featherweight belt should be a great scrap. Both guys have skills and power, and a lot of heart. Brown is a very big FW, and bullies guys, while Garcia's been developing power at 145. If Leonard catches he can put anyone to sleep, but I see Mike winning this fight with a patient, deliberate gameplan by decision.
Lots of good fighters on the card, even with an injured Cleat Crunkilton missing. Bart Palaszewski is entertaing, and Jose Aldo is a guy to look for on his way up. Alex Karalexis is on the undercard, and hopefully he can pull out a highlight reel win to get aired. I'm excited for this event.

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