Saturday, February 7, 2009

UFN 17 thoughts

The main event of Ultimate Fight Night 17, Lauzon vs. Stephens, was an entertaining scrap. At one point it looke like Lauzon was quitting, immediately after getting cut. But either he recovered or was playing possum. Lauzon's ground game was something to behold, and even Stephens showed some skill in scrambling with Joe. Ultimately Stephens was outclassed on the ground. He's 22, Lauzon's 24, hopefully we'll see these guys improve to PPV status soon.
Miller vs Rosholt was a nice inclusion. They threw in two undercard fights on a free UFN, so I'm happy. Miller showed that his family is a force to be reckoned with, and his guillotine can come from anywhere, apparently.
Velazquez-Stojnic was unusual for it's ending. Who does Velazquez fight next? Shane Carwin? Shane vs. Cain? Stojnic...he's tough, but hopefully we don't have to see him again.
Josh Neer needs a real step up the ladder fight next. he's the current Rich Clementi of the division. I admit I did bad in picking Danzig. He doesn't seem to have the size or strength to compete with the UFC's LW division. I guess we're stuck with him because of the "6 figure contract" from TUF, but really...he's a huge disappointment.
Grice vs Veach, frankly, was garbage. Those guys when too hard to be stopped like that. Veach got knocked down harder and ate as many punches and wasn't stopped, yet Grice is after eating one solid punch on the ground? Garbage.
Hopefully some of the other fights will show up. Looks like a display of jits went on for this card. 6 of the ten fights are listed as subs, and a seventh should be. Johnson-Fioravanti should be submission to strikes, since Luigi tapped. Small nit to pick at, but I will.

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