Monday, February 16, 2009

Who are the top welterweights not in the UFC?

The other day Jake Shields came up on a forum I visit. Someone said they wanted to see Semtex Daley in the UFC, and I said fuck Daley, I want to see the guy who clowned him, Jake Shields. The ensuing bullshit bored me, so I began thinking of top welters not in the UFC.
Shields is the top dog in my book. He's on a ten-fight streak with wins over Condit, Okami, Pyle, Daley, Verissimo, Thompson and Menne. He didn't look great on his feet against Daley, but who cares. He made him look like an amateur on the ground. In my book Jake is in the top five, and should be fighting in the UFC. Since that's not going to happen, and Nick Diaz is out since they both train at Cesar Gracie...
Eddie Alvarez...has fought at 170 and 155. He lost at 170 to Nick Thompson.
Nick "The Goat" Thompson would be an interesting matchup if they hadn't already fought. Even though he lost, I'd still watch a rematch. Thompson is a quality fighter with a shitload of experience(48 fights before 30 years old) who always comes hard.
Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg is a 170 pound stalwart who's working a decent streak, 4-1 since two Februarys ago. He's fought the best in the world to mixed results, but no one could argue with you if you said he was the #1 contender for your 170lb belt.
Jason "Mayhem" Miller retired not too long ago, and said he was through with fighting, but recently unretired to book a fight against...
Kala "Kolohe" Hose at Kingdom MMA (err...Zombie ICON), who beat down Phil "The Long Nickname" Baroni to take ICON's non-existant belt at 185. Hose could make 170 easy, and is an entertaining, young brawler. "Iron" Mike Aina is another Hawaiian who can bang at 170.
Nick Diaz is a fighter who's booked for a retarded matchup with Frank Shamrock that means nothing to anyone except their dependents. But it's Strikeforce's big coming-out party, so they need to make a splash.

Some other guys either down the list or who I haven't seen enough of:
Delson Heleno
Thiago "Jambo" Goncalves
Jay Heiron
Mike Dolce
Antonio McKee
Drew Fickett

Jambo Goncalves is an interesting fighter, worth checking out his Youtube stuff. Drew Fickett could be the shit if he wakes up and puts down the brew.
This shit is very rough, so tell me where I'm wrong and who I forgot or didn't know about. I'd appreciate it.


kentyman said...

I'm not convinced that Drew could be the shit.

Maybe he should put down the gloves and stick to what he's good at?

garth2 said...

hey, he can drink with those grappling gloves on.

I get your point tho, maybe I just have the drew from a few years back in my head, the one who pulled that gutty win out of his ass over a smug jackoff koscheck. maybe the Master won't be the shit, but he could be less shitty.

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