Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, Frank is supposedly fighting Nick Diaz at 179lbs, because what the fuck? Why not? I think they could fight at 111lbs, or 23lbs! WHY NOT!

Then KEN is fighting a 6' 8" 340-360lb bag of blubber named Ross Clifton (there's a town called Clifton in Colorado. Could he be the town?). Ken, 2-8 in his last ten and notably KO'd by a stiff breeze against Buzz Berry at Cage Rage, is claiming he can fight for a paycheck as long as he wants/can get licensed for, because of what he's done for the sport. I agree to an extent, provided he's not getting killed in the ring.

There's a kickass card coming up for MFC, headlined by Pat Healy vs Ryan Ford, for Healy's Middleweight belt. The whole card is mighty nice:

Ryan Ford VS Pat Healy
Paul Daley VS Nick Thompson
Antonio McKee VS Derrick Noble
Rory Singer VS Bryan Baker
Solomon Hutcherson VS Dave Mewborn
Roger Hollett VS David Heath
Simon Marini VS Ryan Machan
Donovan Foley VS Josh Russell
Jason Heit VS Sheldon Westcott
Kyle Dietz VS Evan Sanguin
Mike Sorenson VS Jesse Clarke

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