Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Werdum translates funny

Werdum in Tatame. Why aren't there any good Portuguese translators?

Fedor, Arlovski ou Josh Barnett. If you could choose, who would you like to face? (Felipe Teixeira de Oliveira)

I would fight with anyone, but if I could choose, I would like to make a rematch with Arlovski. That fight wasn’t cool, it was a debut against an ex-champion. Some people said that I won, others that he won or tied, but I want a rematch with him and then fight with Fedor, which is the will of everyone, he is the best in the world. This thing of saying that (Brock) Lesnar is the best in the world doesn’t exist, I’m against that. The guy has four fights and is already the world champion? Everybody knows that Fedor is the best. In heavy, I think the best are in Affliction. Apart from Minotauro, the rest in the UFC are weak. The UFC has what he wanted, two Americans to fight the "final". The marketing is the most important thing, they are good at it. Frank Mir also, this final among them doesn’t exist.

In a future fight against Fedor, what would be the strategy to defeat him? (Felipe Teixeira de Oliveira)

I would do something really simple, try to put him down. It is difficult to get the fat go down, but I would be on top, passing the guard and mount, get a kimura... It is hard to beat Fedor in the ass, giving him punches down. It can happen, but it will be very difficult to punch him and stop him, you have to get him at a key for him to surrender. I think he lets his arm broke, but don’t hit. Must be in the neck to put him to sleep. I would train much Wrestling to put him down and, if I were below, I would be with a very close guard.

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