Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ultimate Chaos SPOILERS pt 2

I still think the ref did a good job in that fight. Shit happened fast, and it looked like Rizzo took some damage that wasn't clear from the initial head kick. In ring interview...Gilbert is enormous-er than I realized. Yvel says "I want a belt...I want a big-ass belt"
Man, comparing the pain that Yvel brought (and I'd imagine Rizzo would have brought had the opportunity presented itself prior to being knocked into next week) to the earlier fights on the see the difference in levels. It's a big jump from the top of "B" level to the bottom of "A" level. And most of the dudes opening this up, no offense, were C level or so.
This PPV features between bout interviews with all the sponsors. Pretty interesting model. Honestly, I'm not bummed I paid for this. I'm enjoying the fights so far, even though there hasn't been anything like a decent grappling match. McKee-Thompson looked like it had the makings for some good grappling, but they ended up finishing with weird illegal blows. I'll have to email Tracy Lee (if she remembers me) and see what she thought.
Bob Sapp-Bobby Lashley hype now. Bob Sapp is a slick promoter. He needs to get himself in the promoting end of things. He's in full "Beast" mode too. Anyone who can make Lashley look small is pretty fucking huge. Bob weighed in at a relatively svelte 322 lbs., for a 66lb weight advantage. This is one of the most popular guys in Japan vs one of the most popular pro wrestlers. Weird.
Both guys promise a bullrush. Could be wild. I'm hoping they have all three rings out, the dancing poodles, the fire breathers, the sword swallowers, etc. Bob Sapp has a hilarious difference between his regular voice and his "Beast" voice, it's like my regular voice and my "Dad" voice when the kid gets uppity.
I seriously want to see the motley collection of cameras they've cobbled together for this. It's awesome the difference when they switch. That they're switching means they have a control station of some kind...
Ultimate Chaos features one of the single manliest ring girls I've ever seen on TV.
The in-ring guy is wandering around raising the roof before the fight. I like it!
Lashley walks out to the ATT banner. Not bad. Lashely is an enormous human being.
Eh. Bob Sapp is a circus act for sure now. Taps to strikes after a solid takedown by Lashley.
Overall the card was good, though the "co-main" event was a dud. Let's see Lashley against someone like Gilbert Yvel next. Bob Sapp is (yes, I knew before, but I didn't want to believe it) a joke.

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