Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forced to fight on?

The title of this article from Steve Cofield seems a little misleading...Jens Pulver isn't ever going to be "forced" to fight. He's going to forced to quit, if some commentators have their way. I think Lil Evil should fight for as long as he can make medicals. I blame some of the troubles he's had on the type of promotion he's gotten (which he no doubt had a hand in). But really, he's 1-6 against some high-level competition, not against a bunch of scrubs. Joe Lauzon was the only possible scrub fighter he's lost to recently. Other than that? Leonard Garcia, Urijah Faber? Please, did you get a look at that Grispi? He's a monster.
Jens, let me add my small voice: Keep fighting til you don't want to. This is what it's about, when everyone is against you doing it man. You still have people who cheer for you.

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