Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I just watched the latest TUF episode Dent vs. Pearson, and was I watching something other than what Dana White was watching? That fight was boring as hell to me. There were some decent moments, but I actually faded out, and looked for animated lolcat gifs instead. The fighters clearly couldn't finish, had nearly no ground games or takedowns, and Dent's one-punch-then-cover-my-face attack was total crap. Sure there were some flurries but fuck that fight. I was rooting for Pearson at the end of the round even though his strikes apparently have the power of a wet noodle considering how many times he smacked Dent in the face to no apparent effect.
Maybe I just was out of whack watching, but that fight was total bore-town. Dollar-Winner (great name combo btw) was more entertaining and Winner smooshed him with the World's Slowest Triangle™.

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