Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kid Nate joins the Idiot patrol *addendum

Here's KN managing to fit an assload of holier-than-thou into a couple sentences.

He clearly didn't watch the fight. The ref stopped it as soon as Rizzo took a nasty shot and was KO'd. The other damange that Rizzo took in the fight was lightning fast, and I'd challenge any ref to catch it as fast as whoever that ref was did. Bloody Elbow is rapidly leaking out of my feeds, as it's already dropped out of the "sites I recommend to anyone I know" list. Sure, they won't lose any sleep over it, but still, what a waste of fucking time that site has turned into. When Leland Rolling is the best they have to offer...and they JUST ADDED HIM A COUPLE MONTHS AGO, lord how they've fallen. A total testament to not ever reading your own press.

**You know, even Yvel says the stoppage was late, so maybe I'm wrong. I felt it was a reasonable stoppage watching live (on TV), and upon replay I felt the same. It happened very fast and the ref was right there, he MAYBE let one punch that shouldn't have through, but that happens in MMA. Is Gilbert the best judge of when a ref can stop a fight? I dunno. But I'm not in the ring, so I'll back off that point.
Bloody Elbow is still insufferably self-important though, and fuck them.

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