Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh, fuck you, Nick Diaz

Upfront: Diaz is tough, a great fighter, and he's becoming even better with every fight since his return from suspension.
That said, he's a complete asshole. His monkeying around in the ring EVERY SINGLE FIGHT is tiresome at best. His lisping hyperbole and incomprehensible smack talk gives me the foamy diarrhea. His idiotic devotion to pot points to a questionable IQ.
Leland Rolling seems to think he should be in the UFC because his abrasive personality will make hyping fights. They won't sign him because he's a dope who's got a history of testing positive for a drug test. UFC's IMAGE is more important that anything else right now, and Diaz would damage it because he's fuckin' dumb. No real other explanation needed, really.

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