Saturday, December 13, 2008

yet another post on junie browning

fuck this kid pisses me off. the most annoying part is the guy showed extreme improvement against kaplan. either that or kaplan sucks more than I thought.
during the broadcast of the show i railed against Dana White's hypocrisy in portraying himself as somehow powerless to get browning off the show, but i realize i was snookered. he doesn't care about the Code he seemed to imply in previous "do you want to be a fucking fighter" speeches. He's a character. Dana White is basically The Promoter character now. he doesn't make decisions. Lorenzo Fertittas makes the decisions. look at the Fitch situation. The Fitch Sitch? White blustered and yelled. Fitch, confused, walked out. The Businessman, Lorenzo, stepped in. The Promoter went on a plane, talked shit, and barked for the show.
Who's in charge? Not Dana White. The way Junie was treated on the show proves that.

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Reverend Clint said...

d like to see him take the Goodridge route and fight in some shitty Romanian MMA clubs and die.

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