Sunday, December 14, 2008

TUF thought

you know, a lot of people have wondered what TUF might need to bring it to a higher level, or reclaim what it has lost, viership-wise, in the wake of Griffin-Bonnar's peak. I'd say: making the finale a 5 round fight for the "TUF belt" would add a lot to the final. Who wouldn't have wanted a couple extras every final? I know it wouldn't have made a difference in say Diaz-Gamburyan, Haynes-Bisping or Speer-Danzig, but Lytle-Serra? Different fight entirely. Rashad Evans? Who knows how his fight against Imes ends in rounds 4 and 5?
While it wouldn't be the solution for the fighters during the season, it makes the finale bigger, and the prize bigger as well.
Just a thought.

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