Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fight for many different Troop Night

Either Jim Miller can't strike or Matt Wiman is the toughest SOB I've ever seen. Boy can that kid take some punches. Jim Miller is pretty impressive, too. Boy those guys were exhausted as fuck. I like Miller urging the viewers to donate. If I wasn't broke as a hobo right now I'd totally donate. I already have, last year. That's something I guess.
God damn I hope that Yoshida guy digs deep into his Asian Drew Fickett soul and finds a way to snag a choke on Josh Koskcheck. I really, really would like to see that guy leave the UFC.
Wow Tim Credeur came out looking tough. Disjointed first round, but a nice job by Credeur working his game plan, throwing Francas and Lebens all over the place. I loved the fake right hand to leg kick. Two or three of those in a row and a guy can be knocked out.
Man this is some terrible standup. Credeur's standup is effective in this fight, but ugly as shit. On the ground, with Longran or whatever his name is on his back, they were at pretty much a standstill. On the feet, Credeur's the only guy with a clue. Well, half a clue.
That half a clue was enough to stop the fight. David Terrell saw a familiar sight: an ugly-ass guy beating the shit out of a pretty boy in his camp. At least this time it was one of his students, not himself, being beaten to a pulp. RIP Evan Tanner.
They're showing a "sneak peek" of Valkyrie, the movie about the really shitty assassination attempt by a German colonel who is being portrayed by a dirty Scientologist.
Looks like the other guy told Miragliotta he was done in the corner. Wonder if he'll get another shot at the UFC? They don't like guys who quit.
Got bored of blogging. Good event. Fuck Josh Koscheck. Fuck refs who don't understand grappling. Fuck Goulet's wandering eye, wander on outta the UFC.


Reverend Clint said...

Go Swick... fuck Kos. That was a pretty damn good event... full of KO's and broken legs

garth2 said...

clint! didn't you know pussies and junies found it too full of violence and scary?
seriously, what's with the people saying the violence was bad for the sport? it's a violent sport. no one says that about boxing. or football.

Reverend Clint said...

Buncha god damn pussies. What sport isn't dangerous? Golf? Old fucks die all the time!

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