Monday, December 8, 2008

Silva off to Japan

Bigfoot is heading to the land of the Rising Sun to do battle in Sengouku. Bloody Elbow opines that:

Its just not fair to Silva to ask that he sit out a year when everyone agrees that the CSAC was screwing up left and right when they suspended him.

Of course, there's another angle on this, that Silva's management had knowledge of how screwed up the Commission was, and knew they had little leverage even if the evidence against Silva was strong, given the shitstorm that was about to hit them in re Armando Garcia. I haven't seen any of the testing evidence regarding Silva, and the assertions of innocence are just that, assertions. He DID have a hearing, and he DID agree to be bound by the CSAC's decisions by acquiring a fighter's license in California. However fucked up the commission may be, they're still the governing body.
All that said, I'm still on Silva's side in this. I hope he can get a few fights in Japan, serve out his CA suspension, face the music, and pay a fine like Vitor did. Silva's an excellent fighter, and I'd love to see him fighting a variety of heavyweights, either in the UFC or in Affliction.
Also, what's with his giant-face? Is it some kind of (er) affliction? Most dudes with that face are between 8' to 15' tall. He's big, at 6'3", but not massive like an NBA center.

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Reverend Clint said...

He's just a big ol' freak

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