Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kevin Burns

So Burns was getting ready to leave for the fight, running late. Grabbed his bag, and his keys, and quickly patted down his pockets while scanning the room to see if he'd forgotten anything. Satisfied, or more likely out of time, he runs to the door. As he grabs the handle, his phone rings.
He pauses for a second, and with a "Let the machine get it", shrug, heads out. As the door slams, his answering machine clicks on.
"Hey baby!" says the machine "You've reached the fiiiire! It ain't gonna burn if you leave a message!" The beep sounds, and a voice comes through.
"Hey, Kevin, it's Chuck Liddell. Just wanted to say, don't throw any fucking lazy left hands. It really, really hurts. Okay, that's it, good luck tonight, later."


kentyman said...


Reverend Clint said...

Chuck was too busy with dolphinhead to call kevin

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