Thursday, January 28, 2010

Strikeforce, etc

Jay Hieron and Diesel Riggs have reason to be pissed they've been bumped to the undercard in favor of Lashley-Sims and Walker-Some Cab Driver. They're legit fighters who've contended for belts on main cards. But Hieron at least is sucking it up.

I'm jacked up for Coenen-Cyborg. That should be war. I hope Coenen doesn't try to stand with Cyborg, or pull what I like to call The McLovin. It doesn't end well for grapplers, in general, to stand up and try to box strikers.

Dear every MMA writer in the world: You don't have to say "fellow countrymen". Just "countrymen". The "fellow" part is kind of implied.

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