Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MMA Senior Tour

So I'm browsin' my sites, and here's an article about Frank Trigg, talking about his upcoming fight with Matt The Terra Serra. He mentions Matt's "Renzo Gracie black belt", and that gets me thinking about Renzo-Hughes coming up. Then I realize there's a Coleman-Couture fight as well. Is the MMA Senior Tour already here? I made a joke about it the other day. but it seems to actually be happening. Matt Hughes has said before that he's only interested in fights against other old guys. Serra doesn't seem interested in taking on all comers, or frankly fighting all that often at all.
We've had a de facto senior tour in a lot of smaller organizations for years, with dudes like Dan Severn, Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock, and on and on still going at it. Dream and WVR seem to have no problem with bringing old guys in either, setting up Fujita and Sakuraba to get killed by young kickboxers for shits and giggles. But the UFC seemed to be immune from that, til now. Maybe it's just a passing trend due to contract situations...Matt Serra has to be a weird guy to schedule fights for, since he catapaulted himself into the upper echelon by surprising GSP. Same with Frank Trigg...both guys, while tough, skilled fighters, are barely relevant based on their recent records.
I suppose the coming months will tell.

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