Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pleasant surprise: MMA on CW 6

The local CW affiliate is showing IA:MMA, a small promotion that holds events (event?) at the Starlight Bowl here in San Diego. I saw a promo for it an hour before it came on so I got lucky. Especially since I was basically ready to end it all after the fucking Chargers choked on dick yet again. I hereby renounce the Chargers and all they stand for.
Mat Diablo from 91X is the host, along with Heath Herring doing a little commentary. The broadcast is surprisingly good, considering the ghetto looking ring with no sponsors. Two super heavyweights line up to open, Cody Goodale and Jason Williams. Cody's a really pudgy 282lb 19-year-old. I cannot imagine keeping that kid fed. My 90lb daughter eats as much as I can keep up with. Jason Williams is a big-ass Samoan. Little technique, but some aggression. Neither guy has much standup, but Goodale seems to have a little training. Jason Williams is a lot more experienced that I thought he was, with a decent attempt to get out after a takedown and some good choke defense. Eventually the teenager got ahold of a head-and-arm choke after some good full-mount ground and pound (even if the punches seemed a little pittypat). I gotta say I'm pretty impressed all around with the quality of the fight and the production value, for a small-time local broadcast.
Bobby "The Kid" Sanchez vs. Roberto Vargas. Looks like a decent scrap. Kid Sanchez taps to a standing guillotine after a little action against the cage. So, never mind, not much of a scrap. Sanchez was too cautious, Roberto was very aggressive.
Paul Song vs Bailey Byrne, two 185ers. The Cyborg family is in Song's corner, interesting. Takedown for Song, working from the guard. Byrne grabs a triangle it's locked in even tho Song is blasting his face. Wow, he pounded out of the triangle, I thought it was done. Song and Bailey staredown in range, but then trade knees and uppercuts from the clinch. Bailey is like a big Kendall Grove...easy comparison since he's got the Hawaii tats and he's a 6'4" middleweight. Big mouse under Bailey's eye. Good first round, quite a scrap! Great job for Paul pounding out of that triangle, I didn't think that was a likely way to get out.
They went to commercial break. I can't stress enough how good this is for a local show like this. Coming from someone who's paid for way, way worse PPV's that's sayin' something. I bought YAMMA.
Heath Herring and Mat Diablo are providing some good commentary. I wonder if they taped that afterwards. Diablo is the ring announcer too.
I didn't realize it but this fight is 3x3 minutes, as it's the debut for both fighters, even tho they listed each at 1-0. Dunno. Second round was pretty solidly for Song, even though Byrne threatened with a triangle again. The news lead-in commercials suck. They keep talking about the Chargers' loss. Fuck you Chargers. I feel like Pedro Cerrano finally giving up on Jobu. Fuck you, Jobu!
Commercial every round. Hmph. Good action in the third, and I kinda wish they'd given these kids 5 minutes rounds. Paul Song takes a split decision win, but it certainly looked like it was all Paul. I had a 30-27 fight. Both could turn into good fighters, I'll look for them in the future.
Well, that's the show. Nice work. I wrote a letter to CW 6 saying I liked it, hopefully they'll show some more soon and I'll somehow get the news so I can watch it. Hey CW 6 and IA:MMA...gimme more MMA!

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