Saturday, January 16, 2010


Zach Arnold is lamenting the terrible matchmaking on display in 2010:

First, Bobby Lashley vs. Jimmy Ambriz and now news of Matt Mitrione vs. Kimbo Slice. I throw my hands up.
Ironically, I had recently been watching New Japan footage circa 2003 and saw Ambriz in a video promo with Sean McCully in Los Angeles doing a truck power stunt. Of course, this was the heat-up for Ambriz vs. Josh Barnett at the Tokyo Dome. I have nothing against Jimmy getting a payday, but to get booked against Lashley…
So far, the booking in 2010 is the kind that just kills your spirit as a supporter of the business.

While I don't debate that Ambriz is just a squash match for Lashley, I really feel that Mitrione beats Kimbo. I don't think Kimbo has anything like the skillset to deal with Mitrione, which is kind of sad. Kimbo's a one-dimensional fighter who says the right things. From everything I've read he's a very kind person, but's not like he's going to improve. Mitrione, for all of the douchery the implied and showed on TUF, is a bit younger fighter with more upside. Honestly, let's see how each one does. Loser goes home.

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