Monday, October 27, 2008

The Spider: No disrespect

Anderson Silva says he wasn't disrespecting Patrick Cote by clowning around, offering to help him up, and backing up whenever he had him hurt.


Also, he says he's heading to Thailand to "sharpen" his Muay Thai. Everyone in the world, surrender. Now he'll be able to kick bullets out of mid-fucking-air.


Reverend Clint said...

That fight was a mockery of the sport. Silva was being an asshole and then he comes out an denies it! Its bad enough half the retard posters on other sites didn't think he was clowning and actually had a plan now he just reinforces it.

garth2 said...

you're dead right. anderson silva gets a lot of leeway for his clownery, because he KO's fools.
the one time he doesn't finish a fight, everyone turns on him. is it because he's brown? i've figured it out! They're all racists!

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