Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last night's TUF

All righty then...after a few weeks of bullshit, Junie Browning got in the ring against Roli Delgado. the fucked-up hillbilly talked shit the entire time (at least the time they showed it to us) and swore he'd KO Delgado in the first round. Not only did he NOT KO Delgado in the first round, he didn't KO him at all, despite what looked like some good shots, and at one point seeming to drop him. As a matter of fact, Junie was a little beat-up looking by the end of the fight. He edged a split-decision victory...hardly the dominant performance claimed. Roli's fight wasn't exactly inspiring, despite a great show of heart. His strength is jits, and he seems to have zero ability to get the fight down to the mat. He needs to find a way to bring his opponent down if he's going to actually fight MMA.
As for Browning's performance, it seems that:
1) He doesn't hit hard
2) Delgado has an iron chin
3) I don't have a three.
Delgado's strikes were pitty-pat crap. Junie's handspeed was pretty awful...he'd be eaten alive by someone with faster hands. Can you imagine Junie fighting Melvin "I suck at MMA" Guillard? That would be a slaughter! I'm annoyed that Browning is continuing...he looked pretty gassed, and had Delgado had any clinch game and been able to either throw elbows or greco the guy down it would have been over. Browning...I cannot figure he'll win. Efraim Escudero already called him out for the second round.

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