Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FGP Ranks Tiny Fists of Fury: Featherweights

Unlike LHW's, the featherweight division is stocked with many non-US fighters. Some of the best are in the WEC, including a man who shows up on many pound-for-pound lists, Urijah Faber. The UFC has no featherweight division because Dana White is terrified of leprechauns, and he thinks Urijah Faber will get him in his sleep. You know what? I bet he will, too. I count Kid Yamamoto because :

  1. Urijah "The California Kid" Faber

  2. Akitoshi "Ironman" Tamura

  3. Hatsu Hioki

  4. Wagnney Fabiano

  5. Rafael Assuncao

  6. Masakazu "Ashikan Judan" Imanari

  7. Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto

  8. Takeshi "Lion" Inoue

  9. Hideki Kadowaki

  10. Wilson Reis

  11. Jeff "Big Frog" Curran

  12. Jens "Lil Evil" Pulver

  13. Rumina "Moon Wolf" Sato

  14. Antonio "Pato" Carvalho

  15. Bao Quach

  16. Mike Brown

  17. Rani Yahya

Since the lighter weight classes can see a lot of turnover, some of these guys don't necessarily have a ton of fights at exactly 145lbs, and if you think one of my picks sucks, tell me so! If I agree, I'll change it. Let's talk it over.
Bao Quach is interesting, he's on a nine fight winning streak, but he's been beaten pretty regularly when he steps up to the highest levels of competition at 145. With ProElite out of action, will we see a new fighter stepping up, or will...I'm sorry for this...the Bao break? TEEHEE!


Reverend Clint said...

too many midgets... getting scared

charles said...

I hate Urijah "The California Kid" Faber so much I taste bile when I see or hear him. But I fucking love watching him fight. I think I hate him because of his lame ass nickname.

When someone says "California" people think LA, SoCal, Beach, Palm Trees... not the fucking northern capital. He should be known as "The Crappy places in California Kid"

just saying...

garth2 said...

Urijah "The Asshole of California Kid" Faber?
Hey Clint, don't you live there?

Reverend Clint said...

I live in the real Northern California... not the Central Valley. I think every where south of San Fran and east of Oakland is the asshole of California.

garth2 said...

several years back i took a vacation in the real assholes of CA, Merced. that place just plain sucks.

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