Monday, October 27, 2008

Alves gets a shot?

I guess Dana White feels like since Thiago Alves got past Karo, Hughes and Kos he deserves a shot at the winner of BJ Penn-GSP. While I can't deny the kid's skills or results...I think he'll be killed.
Thiago actually is on a seven-fight win streak, and is 9-2 overall in the UFC. His level of competition has been relatively high as well, with his only losses coming to Spencer Fisher and Jon Fitch in the Octagon (will it be renamed the Cocktagon if Brock Lesnar wins a belt?). But really...GSP and BJ Penn are on different planes than everyone else. Either guy is going to school Alves. I'd put money on it if, as a California homeowner, I wasn't completely out of money. Thank dog blogger is free!

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