Friday, October 12, 2007


OK, the whole M-1 buyer thing is friggin awesome. It's like a magic show mixed with a spy thriller, with midgets in monkey suits to boot. One actual real live journalist that I talked to (who shall remain nameless, because it's make more kickass that way), said to my frantic little-girl jumping from foot to foot hands-clasped whimpering:

I can't. I made a serious vow of secrecy. I can tell you it's not Zuffa, ProElite, or anyone in the MMA industry. In fact, chances are you've probably have never heard of the company.

Vows of secrecy! I wonder what journalists would do if it was a vow of celibacy? I bet there'd be a lot fewer journalists. Or a lot more Jimmy Olsens, if you catch my drift.
Anyhoo, I hope this is all sorted soon. Every now and again I think "This is NOT pro wrestling."

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