Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TUF plus a treat

So I'm watching The Ultimate Fighter and it's a pretty boring episode, basically all hype. Mac Danzig had a couple slow-talking lines, and Dorian wasn't half as crazy as they made him out to be...he actually seemed like a pretty decent guy, the crazy message board posts aside. He made a dumb mistake in a thoroughly dumb situation, ie a reality show. But the stuff he said afterwards was basically sensible. Whatever. The fight was stupid. The taller guy was helpless, pretty much. He looked helpless. Even tho the little dude Hightower seemed like a dudebro jackass he was definitely game compared to Bowman.
Well, as I'm watching, there's a little ad onscreen telling me to tune into channel 95 in North County for a special treat afterwards. Turns out its a fight card from a local gym, Unleashed. It appears to be at "Blanca's Fiesta Hall" in IB, which is way south near the border. So far I've seen two of the fights, and it looks like they could only afford maybe one or two lights for the production, and it's low-quality video, which is too bad, because the fights so far are pretty good. I know there's one other local promotion, Total Combat, in San Diego, but I haven't heard anything from them in a while. I like seeing the lower-level events, because who knows, you may see a Forrest Griffin or a St. Pierre in the making...I'll keep track of these dudes.
A third fight (Wallon Kennel vs. Muniko Enrique) just ended with a slick modified triangle by Kennel. The fight before was an armbar finish, and the first a TKO. Here is the event page from Sherdog, apparently all the fights listed on the fight card at the site didn't go on, but it looks like an action event, as they all ended in the first. No decisions, not bad. It's listed as "Galaxy Productions" on Sherdog.
Well, overall, if they'd get some lights, it would be pretty dang good for what it is. They have Kimo Leopoldo doing commentary, and he's doing pretty good, actually. The main play-by-play guy apparently sat about five feet from his mic as I can barely make out his voice. He also has kind of a tinny little voice. They talk over each other a lot too.
Nice event, though, I'm going to see what they've got and if I can see something live. There's an Unleashed gym here in Escondido, I should definitely go wander around and see if I can make friends with anyone and get some "press" info.

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