Friday, October 12, 2007

Make a statement

Ok. I know everyone wants to see at least the two main fights in next weekend's card. I know everyone is freaked out Randy left the UFC and/or Fedor signed with M-1. I also know the UFC 78 card as it is defined now sucks ten kinds of dirty hooker ass. So here's what we, the fans, do: FUCK 78. Fuck that card. Don't buy it. Call your family, check out an ex-girlfriend, finish a crossword, make a cake, whatever. Don't buy UFC 78. It's a shit card anyways. Let the UFC know that we're pissed off, and we don't want to watch great fighters split because Dana White has to show how long his dick is.
I'm going to make other plans right now for the night of 78. I've already got plans for 77, and fuck it if I look like an asshole, I want to see Silva-Franklin. Sorry. I'm not Gandhi or MLK.
But 78? Mew Jersey? B-level main event? Fuck it. Not buying it. I urge anyone (I know at least two people read this blog a day, I'm looking at both of you) reading this to not buy it either, and to email the UFC and let 'em know why. I'm sure they're already looking at taking a bath on this event, but let's make 'em take a bath and a barbed-wire colonic besides. Let's make it hurt. Let's have a fan strike.
Here's some other stuff to do:
Brew your own beer!
Check out a punk rock show.
Find a new restaurant or cook a kickass meal
Learn how to play poker (worth a damn). Note: Do not go to this link if you're going to play me.

Anything other than buying this shitty card and validating Dana White/the Fertittas as fucking overlords of MMA. Forget this card.

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