Tuesday, October 9, 2007

WEC? Lyoto-Alexander

OK. What's up with the WEC? They don't have shit scheduled til December. From the end of September til the middle of December, nothin'. I'm watching a replay of the Faber-Farrar event right now, it was decent, but not amazing. I love to watch Faber fight, he's a madman. The other fights on the card seemed a bit like mismatches. Yahya-Hominick was funny in that Yahya just zombie-chased him around til he grabbed something and locked in a choke after some climbing.
All right. We have some fun in the UFC Light Heavyweight division. Forrest Griffin and Keith Jardine basically put themselves on the map with their wins in the last event. Forrest saved us the trouble of PRIDE dicks yammering about bad judging by cinching in the choke at the end of the fight, and Jardine, well, he dominated that fight beginning to end. There's a couple guys waiting for them, unfortunately, at the field-level contender seats. Houston Alexander has torn apart two fools in the UFC, including short-memory Jardine. Lyoto Machida has bored hiw way to victory in every single fight he's been in. So we have four guys on the winning tip, with Jardine being the guy to lose most recently. Forrest has two straight, Machida undefeated, Alexander two in a row via quick knockout.
In my book, we have a problem. Rampage has to defend. Against who? I'd say Rampage-Machida for his next defense. Then the winner of Rashad-Bisping vs. Forrest, and square off Alexander and Jardine. That could be an absolute war. Then one more fight and you have a #1 contender, while still being able to throw a LHW bout in there with Lambert or Ortiz. Why not Lambert vs. Ortiz? Sounds like a battle...
Anyways, I'm dashing this off, so gimme some feedback on it.

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