Friday, May 25, 2007

Performify's picks, other notes

Another superb article by Performify at
He has the fights pretty much going the way I felt, at least the ones I had thought about. I'm looking forward to Thiago Silva & Sean Salmon's fights. Chris Leben is going too, I find myself pulling for the guy. He's a tough kid...I don't doubt that whatever happens, he'll land on his feet.

Sam Caplan from CBS Sportsline & Five Ounces of Pain has his 71 preds online. Has the media coverage of Chuck been un-freakin'-believable or what? I saw him on ESPN, FSN, and Spike all in the course of about an hour last night, and have been hearing about him non-stop. Amazing. MMA has grown even since I got into it, about two years ago. Not a long time for such growth. I just noticed that Sherdog is reporting a Sportscenter report<.a> tonight on the rematch. Wow!

The WEC is on Versus June 3rd, keep that on your calendar. With the big-number cable channels (Like Bodogfight on "ION", whatever that 96 on Cox) it's easy to forget. WEC has Mayhem Miller and Razor Rob, so that's some stuff to look forward to.

Busy Memorial Day fight weekend.
5/26/2007 - KOTC: Damage Control

5/26/2007 - KOTC: Eclipse

5/26/2007 - UFC 71: Liddell vs. Jackson

5/26/2007 - Shooto: Battle Mix Tokyo 3

5/27/2007 - GCM: Cage Force EX Eastern Bound

5/27/2007 - K-GRACE: K-GRACE 1

5/30/2007 - Pancrase: Rising 6

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