Monday, May 21, 2007

mystery solved

My general response to someone asking me anything is "GFE", meaning "Google f-in exists". SO I took my own advice (hard to do sometimes) and hit the two best friends an MMA fan has, Google and Youtube.
One thing that had been bugging me was the shifting results listed for Fedor Emilianenko's bout against Tsuyoshi Kohsaka at RINGS King of Kings in December 2000. Sherdog had it listed as a NC at first, then as a TKO loss. He has one other no contest, for an accidental cut against Minotauro Nogueira.
So I looked it up on google, then youtube. Here's the whole fight. Apparently he got cut in a previous fight, and from what I can se Kohsaka threw a punch and his elbow grazed Fedor's brow, reopening the cut. The ref stepped in and it was all over. Apparently elbow strikes were illegal in RINGS, but since Fedor could not go on, Kohsaka got the win.
The screwed up part is that had Fedor continued, and won the fight, he would have met up with Randy Couture. That's something people still want to see. Fedor-Randy seven years ago would have been about the height of greatness.
As an aside, here's Fedor beating Kohsaka five years later in Pride.

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