Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Okay...Sean Salmon, who i've taken a distinct liking to from his "Full Time Fighter" posts at UFCJunkie.com, had an opponent cancel due to injury less than two weeks before UFC 71. And then another opponent steps up. Up for the fight, and up a weight class. This could be a brutal pummeling inflicted by Salmon...he's a very, very strong wrestler, with outstanding body control. Alan Belcher is a game fighter, but I don't see him standing up to Salmon for more than a round. He'll be out of breath completely unless he keeps it on the feet and strikes with Sean.
So, not as good a fight, but a fight, and after watching Sean train (through the magic of the tubes) for the last few months, I'm happy for him to get his time in the cage. I'm bummed for Eric Shafer, who by all accounts is a good guy, and for Belcher, who by all accounts should get his head caved in fighting light heavy on two weeks notice. Of course, I thought Babalu would destroy Jason Lambert....

shows what I know. Good luck Sean, let the chips'n'punches fall where they may.

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